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LinkedIn - Fine, I'll do it

Apparently past students of my program have had success with LinkedIn so I've decided to bite the bullet and get the damn thing. But, uuuuggghhhhhhhhhhhh. I know many of you are fine professional working types with great knowledge socked away in your juicy, juicy brains. Leak out some o' that good stuff!*

1) I'm a student. Do I put in my grades? I mean, semester 1 is going great so far, but really? Is that a thing people look for?


2) I've put my previous college experience, because I graduated, but not my university experience because I did not. Should I put it on there? It's sortof/kinda-if-you-squint related to my other post-secondary education. It's also a pretty tight-knit community and may win me a larger LI social network. But I didn't finish it. Which side wins?

3) Do I put in my retail experience? I want to, to show that I know how to work, but will that get me weird messages? Yes, I worked at an office supply store and a bank, but my schooling has nothing to do with those industries. Will it leave everyone disappointed?

And LinkedIn, I will NOT NOT NOT let you touch my gmail address book. NO SPAM FOR YOU.

Bless you all. Have a kitty!


*I'm so sorry for this entire paragraph. But not enough to change it.

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