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Lisa Wade E-mailed Me Back!

Yesterday, at Moweezy3's excellent suggestion, I sent a quick note to Professor Lisa Wade of Occidental College, whose excellent response to MRA spamming of the Occidental anonymous rape report system was featured on Gawker (GT commentary on the article in this link).

I thanked her for her excellent response and told her she had some new fans here on GT! I didn't expect to hear anything back, since her inbox has probably been flooded with MRA crap after that article.


Lo and behold, this morning, there was a response in my inbox!


Thanks so much for the lovely message! It does seem rather simple to me, when it comes down to it. I was happy to have the opportunity to throw in two cents. :)


Super classy. I was very excite. (#feministfangirlmoment) I'm sure it's probably a form letter, but it was super cool to hear back.

Did anyone else e-mail/get a response?

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