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List of random thoughts

1) I simply can't with Ferguson. It's just too awful. Thank you to all of you who are following and updating info for us here and on twitter. Your efforts are greatly appreciated, especially since it's been very difficult to get info from newsmedia sources. This whole situation needs to be brought out an discussed in the light since it so clearly shows the vast amounts of racism still present in our society. I look at this situation and am appalled at my own self for being surprised by it. Why am I surprised? My friends on this very site have tried to tell us all repeatedly just how deep and systemic racism is in this country, and I THOUGHT I BELIEVED THEM. Clearly, not enough. I'm sorry for not believing you enough, guys. I thought I did. I was wrong. I guess the fact that I am not completely shocked and taken off-guard is a testament to your efforts at education. So, again, THANK YOU, and please keep up the great work.


2) Now frivolous junk: Because y'all are geniuses of fashion and make-up who attempt to save the rest of us from our badly made-up despair, a while back I bought some primer for my eyes. I dunno what brand or anything, it was the only eye primer I could find at the CVS. So, I LOVE that my eyeshadow and eyeliner (two things I have only been wearing for a relatively small amount of time as well) actually stay on better and don't get as smudgy and the colors are brighter, and yay! But here's the thing: Putting on the eye-makeup primer makes my eyes look all sad and tired. I put on my regular foundation: no dark circles and bags under my eyes. I then put the primer on my eyelids and under my eyes: immediate dark circles and "tired eyes" creases. WTF? What's up with that? Am I just a crazy person? Should I put the primer on BEFORE my foundation? I am a make-up dunce. Jess Philosoraptor, I need you to come visit me again and give me a make-over and tutorial. (And I promise to actually introduce you to Schroeder this time.) You know you want to.


3) I've just taken a new job. Now I have two jobs. I promise to stop hogging all the jobs. I'm going to be the admin asst. at a church that is not the one I currently do music for (I am NEVER doing both of those jobs for one church again. IT IS HELL.) So, yay for more money coming in, but boo for loss of flexibility. And boo for not being able to work with the rugrats in the preschool again. They are always fun.


4) The road in front of the church is being widened. This is a major project and has been going on for months and will continue to be going on for months. It's annoying, but, hey, progress, what can ya do? Yesterday, they did something to a transformer and our power went out for about an hour. No big deal. Except, every time the power goes out, our HVAC system has a nervous breakdown and dies. So, yesterday, even after the power came back, we had no AC. And now there are workers in the ceiling above my choir room being very loud and I think one of them may fall through soon. Perhaps they could spray for the wasps who keep finding their way into my space while they're up there?

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