I mentioned before, but I started a blog so that I could communicate more with people politically outside of Facebook (which is a terrible format for what I want) and Groupthink, which I protect dearly to keep this private haven away from my real life.

Anyway, if you’re interested, my latest entry (Slacktivist Post) is about some easy things to do to commit to staying vigilant, informed, and expanding our point of views on a schedule I have set for myself.

My main focus, in writing this blog, is to speak my mind of course, but also to focus heavily on action. If I write a piece on one topic, I have to hold myself to doing something about it, and try to encourage others to do the same.


People in my life have been like “looking forward to this blog!” and I kind of want to tell them that like...it might not be tremendously entertaining or gratifying. So I tell you that too.

ETA: Also worth noting, much audience is a lot less um, socially educated? - than GT members. I don’t know the right words - aware of privilege, systemic problems, etc. I have many who are, and many who are not, so sometimes on a GT scale it might seem a little basic.