Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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LISTEN TO THIS! Canadian Songstress edition

CBC is streaming Kathryn Calder's new album, and I've ADORED what I've heard so far. You can find it at http://music.cbc.ca/#!/blogs/2015/…. If you just want a taste, listen to the first song and then skip to the fourth (I think), called "Blue Skies", and then try not to cry. IT'S SO PRETTY I JUST WANNA DISAPPEAR INTO IT.

ETA: would anyone be interested in this becoming a regular thing? I know we have a few different music threads that happen, but I love to recommend music and I listen to a shit-ton of it for my radio show. I'd be happy to link to something once every few days if people are interested, and then we can all add what we're listening to in the comments?


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