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For as long as I remember, we have been trying to have some sort of meetup. It is totally not cool that the greatest state of the United States of America has not had an official meetup. Let's fix that!

Introducing Chipotle Culivate Dallas/Fort Worth:

Basically, the festival has free music, free chef demos, and some other free stuff. The only cost would be food and of course transportation/lodging.


One of the problems with trying to get something together for Texas was getting a date, a location, and what to do. With this festival we have a date/time (Oct. 18th from 11a to 7p) and something to do. DFW or Lake Carolyn, where the festival is located, is a ways travel for most of us(including me) so I know planning ahead is key here. I

All we need is a concrete time and people who say they will go. Hopefully you will join me because I'm going regardless (Even if work denies my vacation request).

Will be bumping this throughout the month to remind everyone. Sharing across Kinjas I have privileges to because I know there are a lot of Texas people who would want to meet up.

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