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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Lists are fun! What would yours be?

Since we have had a spate of lists to younger folks lately , what would yours be? We have many ages here, so your choose the younger age. For generic, go 10 years, or choose an age.

My advice from early 30’s me to 20 year old me:

1. If you think he’s lying, he probably is, dump him. You deserve more and it probably won’t work if you don’t trust him, deservedly or otherwise.


2. Get a major in something with job prospects, take classes is something you love. By getting a major in something you loved, you both reduced job prospects and took away your love for it.

3. If something isn’t right, try to change it. I don’t generally say that all can be fixed, but I will say that it only gets harder. See #1 and #2.


4. Try to start shedding the baggage now, starting with that weight obsession.

5. Find a hobby/activity you love and don’t put it on the backburner for college. It is what will get you through college in one piece


6. Fit exercise into your regular schedule. It will help form a habit for life. It doesn’t have to be running or the gym, but just walking instead of driving or taking the bus, intramural sports, or that dance class you always wanted to try.

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