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Lit. Talk and GT Book Club!

Let’s talk about books, baby/Let’s talk about what we read/Let’s talk about all the good reads and the book club of GT/Let’s talk about boooooks/Let’s talk about books!

Ok, y’all, I’ve been slightly remiss in my Lazy Sunday Lit Talks so I thought I’d do double duty (heh, duty) here. We’ll start with GT Book Club business:

1. Don’t forget, this month’s selection, Station Eleven, will be discussed this Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! GT’s own fabulous redpanda will host (special thanks to redpanda for stepping in for me and spectacularraptor—seriously, RP, you are the best!).


2. Tomorrow, we’ll begin gathering nominations for August’s book club selection but I’m announcing the theme today. Since our summer is sadly winding down, I thought it’d be fun to end August with discussion of a beach read. So, start thinking of what the heck we mean when we talk about beach reads and what you’d like to read on a lazy summer’s day. We’ve also had requests that books be at least a little older (maybe a year or so?) as folks have been having a hard time finding book selections in stock at their local libraries. Think on it and I’ll post asking for nominations tomorrow morning.

And onto lit. talk! We’ll keep it simple, as this post has gotten a lil’ long already.

So, you know the drill:

1. What was the last book (or two or three—I’ve been lax, list as many as you like) you finished?


2. What are you currently reading?

3. What’s next on your “to read” list?

P.S. Did you like my song? What do you think my chances are as a Yankovic-type lyricist? Good or great? ;)

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