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Literal shit with which up I have to put. (TMI: poop)

No mainpaging, not that it's likely, but...

You know what's great about having a preschooler? Them being potty trained. If any of you don't have kids but think you might, please be aware that it is quite literally the shittiest job you will have to do unless you work in an actual fecal research facility. I am much more familiar with the smell, color, and consistency of stool from various stages of a child's life (least awful: breastfed infant poop that smells like buttered popcorn) than I really want to be. I'm not sure I was totally aware of how much shit I'd have to deal with. Don't get me wrong: I love being a dad and I love my kids, but I'm really looking forward to the day when I only have to deal with their metaphorical shit. And I thought I was at that point with my oldest. I hardly even had to wipe his ass anymore. He'd have little accidents every once in a while and every so often he'd get it in his head to refuse to acknowledge he needed to go potty (and oh how I hate saying "potty"), but it seemed smooth sailing.

And now he's pooping in his underwear again, seemingly intentionally. He is very ADHD and extremely oppositional — I think he just wants to defy us by refusing to do what he knows we want him to. That may sound awful malicious to ascribe to a 4 year old, but this kid will totally do that. He's the kind who will pick something just because it's the opposite of what his brother wants (or the same as what his brother wants, if it's something only one of them can use at a time). Yesterday he had two accidents while we were out shopping, despite us sitting him on the toilet at each place we went to. He can't or won't give us a straight answer about why it's happening: sometimes he says it's because he didn't know it was happening, but he'll also say that he wants to go a whole day without going potty, which we've tried to explain to him just won't work. We've told him that he's not going out until he gets this managed — we kept him home from Sunday school today, and he had two more soilings.


Has anybody dealt with this in a 4+ kid? He has 2 younger siblings still in diapers, so maybe that's a big part of it. Also, he'll be medicated soon, hopefully this week, and maybe that will help to. Until then, it's really, really frustrating.

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