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Literally the worst thing ever

I think I found the most horrible thing that the human mind has ever imagined. Its so unfathomably horrible that its likely a nightmare of some alien god like Cthulhu.

From the same madmen that brought you Rebecca Black's "Friday," I present to you "Chinese Food" (That is the title as written on Youtube, the actually title is an anguished human scream, which is impossible to spell).

Some thoughts:


If I hear a fart noise during a song, it better be on a skit track from a rap album.

Yes, I will take that Snapple up there please, all of the Snapples, if you will.


Chow mu-mu-mu-mu-mein.


Isn't it funny how all clouds kind of look like Chinese food if you pretend hard enough and don't care that they don't look anything like Chinese food?


500 Monopoly dollars says that dude is naked under that panda suit.

That's all I can handle. This is so awful I think I'm now insane and should probably be locked up in a padded room so I'm not a danger to myself or others.

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