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Litter Training Dogs?

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I ran into my neighbor this morning, and as we got to bitching about the disgusting heat effecting our poor doggies (overnight with humidity it felt like 35°. Overnight. Today? 45°), she mentioned that she doesn't really need to bring her dog out when it's this hot because she's litter trained!


I thought that was pretty damn neat! Not to mention handy! Although I wouldnt ever use litter training as a replacement for taking my dog outside regularly throughout the day, I must admit it would be nice for days when I'm out longer than usual, busy, or whatever shit life throws my way. Her dog was already litter trained when she got her, so I didn't inquire much about the process of training, but from what I've read it seems pretty do-able!

Is this a popular thing now that I was just oblivous to? Do any of you use litter training with your dogs? I'm curious about the training process, and and how well/quickly the dog took to it. As well as any other advice/ideas anyone has!

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