So, this company has been chasing me hard to come join them. I've had multiple interviews, all of which ran over time, and everyone has been eager to tell me that they absolutely adore me and want to work with me. Today, they finally said the magic words: Come join us!

Except they don't want me to come over until December at the earliest, due to how their funding works.

I'm not happy at my current job. It's actually been causing my depression to rear its ugly head. The stress is high, the payoff is low, and with these talks, I'd actually begun to feel excited about the future again.

It's partially my fault, because when we started talks, I said that I couldn't leave until November. It was only with the last discussion that I moved that date up to "whenever". And, well, in the start-up world, funding is something you watch very carefully. So I'm not angry any anyone. Just... pouty.


Considering putting my notice in anyway and focusing on the book I have to finish up. My husband's salary can float us, but I hate the idea of being a one-income household. Anytime I've done it, my stress soars.

I'd do something fun this weekend to perk me back up... but I have to work, because someone screwed up the due dates on our current project, and we lost a week of coding time.


So, happy gifs?