My MiL (well, I’m never getting married, so rounding her up) has given me a bunch of lovely fabrics for projects she’s decided she will never complete. Some of them I’ll just never use, but I’d like to make sure I do something with some of them. There are two that are really wonderful quality and just feel so lovely... but I’m utterly uninspired by one of ‘em, and a bit stumped by the other! Help me out?

Number One: Uninspired. Bout 4 yards of good wool suiting. She probably meant for it to be a blazer. It’s lovely, but too tame for me. Got nothing in my leather stash that compliments it, so, yeah.

Number Two: I’m totally tickeled by this, but stumped! Scant 3 yards of it. My first thought waas a long, mid-calf pencil skirt, but now I’m handling it, it’s heavy to look flattering. Hmm.


If anyone looks at these and feels inspired I’d be thrilled to hear your thoughts!