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Little Buddy Doing Well

For my littler pupper, it’s a tracheal collapse (which was one of the things I suspected). Obviously, that’s not great, but super common in his breed.

His coughing has been much better today, and after visiting the vet we went on a long (for him) walk and he WAS SO EXCITED (well as excited as he gets which is wagging his tail a bit) because I’d been keeping him resting for the last few days. We’ve got some steroids from the vet for the really bad days and the vet suggested getting some regular old Robitussin cough syrup for days when it’s kinda bad but not steroid level bad - the steroids make them lethargic and sleepy, so it’s to be used sparingly.

I AM SO RELIEVED. I guess some people would be totally freaked out by a chronic condition like this, but for me I’m just happy to know what I’m dealing with and the ways it can be managed. It’s to be watched and monitored. There’s no real cure since a surgical stent is the last resort, and is high risk and is also way out of my budget (the vet quoted $7000...), so I know in advanced what the decisions are when it starts to get really bad (it’s progressive, so it is just going to get worse).

But you were all right: the vet was super no nonsense and when I made an statement about the cost of the surgery and my dogs age : he said matter of factly: “My job is to tell you all the options, it’s totally ok for you to choose not to if/when the time comes” JUST LIKE YOU SAID THE VET PROBABLY WOULD. I just had a bad experience managing my old dogs diabetes and all the stress and the glucose curves and her misery. I’m glad this time that I might be able to give my little guy a better and less scary ending, now that I have all the information.


Thanks everyone, you were super helpful yesterday!

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