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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Pygmypossum's post made me think of my own little coping mechanisms when anxiety/stress/utteruniversalbullshit strikes. I've had anxiety attacks in the past, but this is more for day-to-day crap. Here's a small list of things I find helpful when I can't friggin' take it (I italicised "I" because obviously, a glass of wine isn't really great for all people). Please share yours! Maybe other folks have little habits that could help others in similar situations.

  • 20 minutes of a tower defense game (lame as all hell, but it makes me feel totally in control)
  • a glass of wine (time and individual sensitive, obviously. The time and individual in this case are "right now" and "me")
  • the poetry of W.H. Auden
  • listening to some Puccini
  • GT Gif Parties
  • Plotting my spring planting*

*this is occasionally self-defeating, as I'm half certain we're about to give Spring and Summer a miss and head straight on in to Autumn. Laughter is also a key coping mechanism. I give you six of the seven men who raised me (not pictured: Papa Farce):

Illustration for article titled Little Coping Mechanisms

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