I hate to say this Tumblr, but you have fairly predictably disappointed me. I watched Little Dorrit again, and I'm pretty sure that between Mr. Pancks, Flora, Rigaud, and Cavaletto I would have all the gifs to express and all human emotion for all time.* Instead, what is there but gifs of anguished declarations of love from the younger, better looking cast members.

Ick. Apparently if I want Andy Serkis as Rigaud making indelicate gestures, I will have to make them myself. I'm not against the love story and all, but I feel some have missed the truly gif-able stuff.

Also of note, Eddie Marsan looks like one of those pit bulls with a squishy face. If I ever get such a squishy-faced dog, I shall name him Pancks or Marsan. I mean, look at that squishy face.

*With Loki filling in any gaps.