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Little dude doesn't get apartment life

Today is the second day in my new place, and I seriously hope this is just the adjustment period and things will calm down soon. My dog has only known one living space for most of his life - my last place which was a lower level duplex with a fenced in yard he had all to himself. We didn't have neighbors behind us so he never got riled up much or made much noise. Exceptions being when my landlady's dogs would act up and bark, or when her 6 year old niece was over because we had very thin walls and little kids seem to run on floors with their entire body weight. Even then it wasn't very often, since he was used to their noise and he'd quickly just go back to hanging out.

He's never had serious separation anxiety issues; leaving for work usually just meant it was time to go lie down in his crate and get ready to nap. Sometimes if we were outside, he'd whimper and whine if I closed the gate on him to take out the trash. But he'd give up on that after a couple of seconds and just hang out in the yard for a bit.


Apartment life is proving to be very different for him so far. He barks when he hears neighbors walking past in the hall, he can sense it even if the TV is on and I'm in the room next to him. This morning I could hear him barking and crying down the hall when I left for work, to the point where I could hear it through my windows when I was outside. I feel awful for my next door neighbors, I feel like I should make them apology fudge before they complain to management.

The only conclusion I can come to is that he still doesn't understand that this new place is home like the last place was. The footsteps and neighbors' jingling keys are new foreign noises to him. And he's probably wondering why I'm leaving him in a strange place all alone with all these weird noises.

Like I said, this is only the full second day of living here. It's a dog friendly apartment, so I'm betting I'm not the first person in the building who has had the embarrassing loud dog. In fact, I heard howling down the hall when I was doing some separation training with little dude earlier. My friend is already suggesting in home trainers, and everyone keeps bringing up leaving the TV or radio on all day. I'm just wondering if this is just an adjustment period we have to tough it through with some conditioning, or if I should start calling trainers now.

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