Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

You guys, this week sucks. Last week sucked. It's just a shit show out there. But today (and yesterday) I witnessed all kinds of little happy things that made me feel like maybe we're not totally and completely fucked.

  • A woman was trying to reach the cup sleeves from the opposite side of the counter and was having trouble, so the woman standing next to them grabbed some out of the holder and handed one to her.
  • A man dropped his sunglasses and kept walking away, so someone picked them up and ran after him.
  • Puppies meeting on the street corner got their leashes all tangled because they were so excited to make a friend
  • A bus driver couldn't get to the curb lane because traffic was so thick, so he stopped the bus, got off, and stood in front of the car next to him so the mass of hot sweaty commuters waiting at the stop could board
  • I walked past no less than 5 construction crews this morning and not a one cat called me. They were too busy doing their jobs. And maybe being decent human beings. As they should be.
  • When Ferguson was brought up by some (white) coworkers, I braced myself for bigoted and racist spewings but everyone was appalled by the police and bringing up the outrageous things the news has been saying. I was happily humbled by my coworkers for assuming they were gonna be assholes.

What little (or big) happy things have you witnessed or experienced lately?


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