Anyone who likes The West Wing, anyone who loves political thrillers and intrigue, especially those with a gentle feminist spin, will like this little gem from about ten years ago that crops up once in awhile on late-night reruns.

The always-amazing Joan Allen plays Laine Hanson, senator from Ohio, who is nominated to be the first woman vice-president following the sudden death of the incumbent. Jeff Bridges is the Clintonian-style president, Gary Oldman the demagoguing republican chairman of the confirmation committee. His use of decades-old sexual rumors and innuendo to attempt to discredit her, and her escalating insistence that such matters are "beneath her dignity to address" lay at the crux of the drama. Tense, well written, wonderfully acted. My only quibble is with the title, which makes it sound like a boxing flick.

chritter-bob says check it out.