Hey guys! I don't know if any of you remember the comic-book inspired convertible dresses that my friend made a few months ago. She's been working really hard on growing her business the past few months and it's been really successful! She's been featured on ThinkGeek's FB page and on The Mary Sue!

Recently, she just took professional photos of all the dresses she's made (including some with me in my Black Canary and Wolverine dresses) and she just released a commercial! I wasn't able to take part in the commercial as I had work the day she was shooting, but it's super cool and everyone should check it out.

I'll let you guys know when the professional photos are up of all the dresses. I've seen some of them, and they're really cool. Also, if anyone is interested here's her FB page here and her Etsy page here! If you haven't seen any of her designs, check them out on her Etsy page. They're really fantastic.

And thanks to everyone for letting me plug my friend, she's really talented and I just have to share!