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Little Question, Legal Hivemind

Lawyers of the hivemind, I have a few questions about internships, politics, and future employment. Specifically, I have secured a clerkship with a firm for this summer and I am pretty excited to have that settled. However, we're now in registration, and I really want to get an internship/externship to fill a few extra credits. I already do a 1 credit clinic assisting people in getting restraining orders/injunctions, and I'll probably continue with that next semester. I'd really love some advice/opinions on my options, though. Mostly I'm worried about how they'll look on my resume to future employers.

Here are the options I am contemplating:

1. Internship with Planned Parenthood

I wanted to do an internship with Planned Parenthood this semester but I missed the boat (figuratively) in the crush of coming back from a summer internship in Vietnam and moving into a new apartment two days before semester started (literally).


Positives: I'm passionate about birth control accessibility and reproductive rights. My state is a battlefield state, so I'd probably see some cool legal stuff in action. Activism.

Negatives: I'm worried it might interfere in my future employment. Law is a pretty conservative profession in a lot of areas, and Wisconsin tends to have pretty defined regions between true blue, strict red, and mixed purple. If I end up looking for a firm job, I'm assuming that the hiring partners will probably be more conservative.

2. Externship with a very influential (in my state) anti-Domestic Violence nonprofit/legal center

Positives: Supervised by the attorneys who are teaching my current DV seminar. Pretty much guaranteed I would get this position. Applicable to family law, which is one of my practice interests. Issue I care about.


Negatives: Potentially very emotionally draining. Possibly the pushback I mentioned above, but I feel like it's a lot less risky to talk about protecting people from violent situations than to talk about "baby-killing" birth control.

3. Secretarial position with the Freedom From Religion Foundation

Positives: $10 per hour.

Negatives: I am not religious, but I am a non-religious person who believes religion has value. I just don't think religion belongs in government. I don't always agree with their tactics/choices of suits to bring. Feels even more risky than PP for future jobs.


4. Random other government internship/externship that pops up.

Positives: Legal experience. Not controversial. School credit.

Negatives: I'm just not as passionate about this, but it's not bad.

5. Try to get more credits in my clinic, or attempt to pick up another credit in the Immigration Justice Clinic.


Positives: Continuing the status quo, but helping people directly. I'm comfortable with procedure. I could actually represent someone in their petition in court, if I chose to go deeper. The immigration clinic would give me skills in an area of law that is pretty important in my home region.

Negatives: Not working with a "real" firm or organization outside of the school. Less networking possibilities.


So, legal hivemind, any advice? Anything that would turn you off to a new associate? Any war stories I should know?


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