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OK. Background first: I live in a building with 5 units. The people who currently live in the unit below me are the WORST neighbors I have ever had. These assholes don’t clean up after their dogs, or their parties and our yard is filled with garbage and feces. My kids can’t even play in the yard anymore. And they have parties more weekends than not and are loud and obnoxious. After enough complaints to the landlords and finally calling the police on them, they did stop blasting their music as loud/often (it used to shake my windows on a near-daily basis). But their parties are still annoying as fuck, and sometimes there’s fighting. Last weekend their slamming doors woke us up at 2 in the morning.

But the worst is one of their dogs.

He has attacked my dog, K-9 multiple times. The first time something like that happens between dogs who are new to each other, I’m going to be pretty angry but willing to chalk it up to “big strange doggos don’t know each other.” The second time, I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt because, well, maybe the first time was going to be a one-time thing and now that they know each other it’ll be better. But the third, fourth, fifth time?


And they have shown no willingness or ability to keep their monster under control. Most of these attacks have been their asshole dog busting open their storm door to rush my K-9. WE’VE adjusted out behavior to try to prevent these attacks (K-9 never gets to play or poop off leash anymore, we have to walk him on the other side of the building, we gotta check to make sure their door is closed before we can even let K-9 outside). But have they, I dunno, just KEPT THEIR GODDAMN DOOR CLOSED? No. And I can hear their dogs fighting sometimes. Rumour has it, according to a different neighbor, that this dog even killed their cat.

Well, tonight their dog attacked K-9 again.

I just started wailing on him. His jaws were locked on K-9's neck and I punched his nose as hard as I could as many times as I could until one of the assholes responsible for him pulled him off while I screamed “GET YOUR FUCKING DOG INSIDE!” I think it’s the first time I’ve cussed at someone like that.


K-9 seems to have come out unscathed (the miracle of thick fur I suppose). I have a few bumps and scratches (and a sore throat from screaming). I also collapsed after the fact (fighting off a 90+ lb dog and then trying to drag you own 90+ lb dog inside when you have a chronic illness and area already super exhausted takes a lot out of you I guess).

So, I’m DONE. When these people first started being a pain in the ass after moving in I didn’t want to involve the landlords because I didn’t want them to get in trouble. And once they pushed my patience past the breaking point I did make complaints (noise, dog crap) but I didn’t want them to get evicted or anything. And when their asshole dog kept going after K-9 I didn’t want to report it because nobody got hurt and I didn’t want the dog put down because his owners suck and can’t/won’t train or restrain him properly. But I’m DONE being compassionate. What happens if next time it’s bad enough that we end up with vet bills and ER visits, or worse? What happens if this dog gets aggressive with my kids?


So I e-mailed the landlords to complain about the garbage/dog shit again and also let them know what’s been going on. Then I called the city to file a complaint with animal control.

Now I’m freaked out that when/if they get in trouble with the landlords or the law that they’re going to take it out on me and slash my tires, or confront me or something.


So, that’s my Friday night. Yay.

Now, feel free to talk about whatever in the comments. And here’s a goofy pic of K-9 to thank you for reading:

Illustration for article titled Little Shaken Up, Need to Decompress/OT

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