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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Little sister & birthday presents

My sister is turning 13 soon. So I want to buy her a present. Right now, she's saving up for Pokemon X or Y (I'm not sure which one) for the Nintendo 3DS. Basically, for every A she gets, my dad said he'd give her a bit of money toward the game. Right now, she has about $20 saved up, and I'm thinking of just covering the rest of the game cost, or even all of it, (it's $40 total) as an early gift to her. However, I'm kind of conflicted because she can't function well without video games or technological gadgets (e.g. her iPod, which she doesn't use for music, and her laptop). I wish I was exaggerating :S But I don't know what else to get her *shrugs*. She doesn't really care for clothes, makeup, books, baked goods, etc.


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