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Welcome To The Bitchery

Little Wins

So...I was in advertising for many years, and 5 years ago, I dropped out of it, because I was sick and burned out and dealing with a lot of Big Issues. Fast forward 5 years, and after doing Other Things and successfully dealing with Big Issues, I decided to go back to advertising. I realized that (a) I really do like the work, (b) I'm really good at it, and (c) about 80% of the problems I had were my problems, not problems with the work or the industry. But it's hard. Even though I've kept my toe in the water, I've fallen behind on a ton of stuff, and getting back in to it feels pretty daunting.

BUT! I joined a LinkedIn group for my specific practice, commented on a post, and the owner of that discussion just asked me to join his network! He owns his own agency, which isn't in my city, but it doesn't matter, because evidently what I said was pretty damn smart and now I feel really good about myself and my decision. It's a baby step, but after five years of trying to figure it all out, I feel like I'm finally moving in the right direction.


So if you have any little wins, please share!

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