So the other day, one little boy says to me: "Boy 2 said a bad word to me in Tamil."

Boy 2 does not speak Tamil. I look at Boy 1 and say "No, I don't think so. He doesn't speak Tamil. How would he know a bad word in Tamil? I don't know what you heard him say, but I don't think it was that."

Boy 1 says "Oh."

Then this morning, Boy 3 said something while we were sitting on the carpet. Boy 3 blurts out lots of random stuff. I have caught Boy 1 coaxing Boy 3 to blurt out inappropriate things before. They are not allowed to sit anywhere near each other, but Boy 1 has wiggled his way close to Boy 3.

Boy 1: "Boy 3 said *Tamil Swear*! I heard him!"

Boy 3 (also not a Tamil speaker): "*Tamil Swear* *Tamil Swear."

Girl 1 (my other Tamil speaker gets a horrified look on her face) That's a bad word. My Daddy told me to never, ever say that word. It means… back" *She gestures towards her lower back, buttocks area. So I'm guessing it means something along the lines of "asshole".*

Me: "Boy 3, stop saying that, it's rude. Boy 1, How did Boy 3 learn that word? He doesn't speak Tamil. Someone had to teach him that word."

Boy 1 *gets his Oh crap, this isn't going the way I thought it would face on.* "Oh."

Me: "Boy 3, who taught you that?"

Boy 3: "Boy 1."

Boy 1 is a big tattler. If he has nothing to tattle about, he has to invent things to tattle about. He was doing better on this, but it's resurfacing again lately. Not amused.