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Live long and drink Vulcan Ale

So I ran to the beer store during my break today, having had a rough week, and as I was grabbing a bunch of different beers (I like to vary my beer experience) I could not help but notice the following, Vulcan Ale, advertised on the can as "mind-melding good":

forgive the bad photo, here is another take on the can:


The can states that this is "a logical choice for a palate-pleasing libation. Vulcan Ale is an Irish Red style ale brewed to celebrate Vulcan, Alberta's 2013 centennial celebrations." It is 5.4% alc/vol and brewed by Pluto's Moon Beer Co., Calgary, AB. And I'm saying they did a good job - at 5.4% it's a bit sweeter than hoppier, but entirely palatable, and I'm sorry the photos don't do it justice because the can is bitchin'.

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