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Live With Kelly AND Michael looks to be done

According to reports they will no longer cohost together. I have two minds on this a) they should have kept Kelly in the loop about Strahan moving solely to GMA. I think its obvious he will have the 9am hour as soon as GMA expands, Iwould not be too surprised if it was not this Fall, January at the latest.

Yet if Strahan wanted to keep negotiations to work solely on GMA secret did Kelly Ripa have a right to know? It seems to come down to this. Do employees have the right to know when a fellow employee and management is givng that employee a promotion or transfer prior to it being official. Courtesy of course.

I am not sure. I have a feeling Strahan wanted it secret. He may have felt she would have tried talking him out of it, who knows why.


I think its great Strahan got the promotion. Now he can expand his field of hosting into news as well as entertainment.

Yes its going to be tough getting a replacement. Kelly Ripa is still lead host. She is also on a type of show in which people leave ie for retirement or to go into news. It was handled badly.

If they are not going to host together now until.the Fall, Kelly Ripa may find herself gone. Erin Andrews did a good job along with Ana G (Suburgatory). If ABC now until then have to fill in hosts everytime either Kelly or Michael hosts why would they do that?

ABC badly bungled the promotion. Kelly Ripa should have been in the loop. The decision though being made should he considered over. I like her but this is getting unprofessional. You do not sabotage your workplace which affects not just yourself but other employees, including low level ones who will be most affected.


I think it comes down to yes as a courtesy she should have been in the loop about her promotion, ideally for the show yes. Yet did she have the right to know. Why couldn’t Strahan and ABC execs keep it quiet.

I am leaning towards Strahan had the right to keep it private. I think his right to keep negotions private trumped other employees and her right to know.


Yes I am assuming he wanted to keep it private.

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