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Liveblogging Ghostbusters with my 7-year-old and 9-year-old

NO! Library Lady! Don't go down there!

That's not a star! He never shows them when he's lying. He likes her.

He's right. They don't need electric shocks.

Chat chat chat, blah blah blah.

I smell hot dogs. It's a hot dog ghost. Goop on every shelf! It's a dog!

Stop wiping your hands on the books. It's disrespectful.

Why do they have a thermal detonator?

Just tell her you come in peace! It was your idea; you talk to her!


She did say to "shhh." You only have yourselves to blame.

Spiritual sense, very important that is, hmmm.

Campus? Are they going to eat marshmallows?

The private sector expects results! Like getting a dog to poop in the toilet!

They should steal the money from the bank! (I'm a bit worried about my children's moral compasses at this point.)

Oh no. Scary gargoyle doggie thing!

He always locks himself out.

We're ready to believe that your dog was run over by a car and then pooped in your yard somehow. (I'm not sure. They're fixated on dogs and poop atm. They're 7 and 9?)


Oooh! Yummy! Yummy eggs! How do I open this? Yes! And now.... smoosh! Smooshy and fizzy counter eggs! My favorite! Rahr, velociraptor! Rahr!

Bug eyes! HA!

Now he likes HER.

Don't eat cheez-its when you need to work. It's rude.

You play the piano terribly.

It didn't happen in there. It happened in the refrigerator.

He has fancy hair like a game-show host, too.

There are no animals in the fridge. Unless she has a dead mouse.

He should come over and look at the fridge when she's evil.

I'll prove it by buying a dinosaur and putting it on my roof! I'll prove it by making the marshmallow man explode!


No, she'll be thinking about bananas. And egg rolls.

That's not very discreet. Annoying, but not discreet.

Oh, heavens, no! It's just a little ghost who likes to sneeze on things!

They must like snotty things.

I have a vacuum, but it's supposed to hold a ghost.

Stop smoking. The elevator said No Smoking.


There's Mr. Snot!

Well, it didn't hurt him.


I don't think the room is going to be ready.

Nanobyte: I'm not gonna call Ghostbusters. Me: Why not? Nanobot: Because he has no phone!


What is that ghost doing to him? Making him fall off the bed?

Why are they always so smoky?

Demigod? Like Percy Jackson?

Ice box? Isn't that where you store ice cream, not demigods?

*Nanobot is now attempting to take away the computer by using the Force*

Yes, I am Peter Venkman. I'm the fanciest man in the galaxy, hrm, hrm. And I have a costume of Darth Vader, hrm, hrm. You can't see my storage facility because it's full of snakes and pooping dogs. (See? Again with the dogs and poop.)


I want to know more about how you trap ghosts in popcorn boxes.

Twinkie. Yummy twinkie.

Look, if there's smoke coming out of your nose you might want to get that checked out.


Evil Dogs! Ruff, Ruff, I want bacon, says the dog! They're just coming to life to find bacon.

He's having a party with ginormous plants that like to EAT PEOPLE! DON'T FEED THE PLANTS!!


Her bedroom has a super-duper suction cup in it.

BACON!! The dog is looking for bacon! He shouldn't keep bacon in his pockets.

The Key Master! You know what the Key Master does? He spins his keys around like this!


No, he's not the Key Master, but she's the Door Smasher.

His brain looks like the doggie head.

It did say that Gozer needed another form. Was Gozer the dog?

That guy wants the ghosts to come back. Dead will rise. Really good idea, dummy. Oooooh! Pretty boom!


Nanobyte: When we go visit New York again can we ride in a ghost cab? Nanobot: NO. NO. NO.


"Yes, it's true. This man has no dick." The Bots have NEVER laughed so hard.

Nanobot: I think it's a sign that the town is about to be filled with orange snot. Nanobyte: No, it's a sign that the town is about to be covered in marshmallow bits.


What is the mayor doing with his mouth? How does he keep doing that?

"Repent... the end is at hand" The end of what? Your cheeseburger? They're not going to save the day, just a few pancakes and an extremely hungry dog. (Idk, y'all. Your guess is as good as mine on that comment.)


Nanobot: Why didn't they just take the elevator? Me: It probably isn't working. Nanobot: Did Sheldon break their elevator, too?


Gozer uses Sith lightning! Cool!

Oh, just a yellow light? I wanted a big explosion.

Gozer is creepy.

Yup. Gozer is a Sith.

When someone asks you if you're a god, you say YES!

They're going to show her some lightning now!


They just need some graham crackers and chocolate bars to defeat the marshmallow man of fatness and fluffyness and very creepy cuteness.

Nanobyte: MARSHMALLOWS FOR EVERYBODY!! Clean up on aisle 9! Nanobot: It's like Pompeii, with marshmallow goop. See? They're frozen in time, by marshmallow.


It's going to take at least a week to clean all that up.

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