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I have to get this out and I can't aim it at the person who deserves it, because it is beyond the scope of what a bunny bomb can do.

Earlier today, Ubertrout wrote a little something about class privilege.

In the comments section, I waxed nostalgic about past students living the "American dream." Because I can't shut up. It's a thing. Relevant portion:

Then I taught at community college for a little while. I had one student who was literally working 40+ hours a week in a coal mine so that he could hold on to the health insurance that was treating the lung diseases caused by his job at the coal mine. His only hope was to get a degree and a new fulltime job before lung disease killed or incapacitated him.

I had another student who worked 40+ hours a week, supporting three children (two of whom were her ex-husbands that he left with her when he disappeared), and was trying to get an associates so she could afford daycare for the grandchild conceived while she was at work.


In response, one of America's finest citizens contributed this little bit of garbage:

... That coal miner and the girl that lives out of her car are doing things to change their position. At least they are both smart enough to not have kids yet at such a young age.

As for the woman I feel bad for her because of how many kids she has. Now the government is going to be the father to the kids through the form of a paycheck. But thats the risk you take when you have a child though. That person can walk away if you arn't married or they can divorce you anyways.


I can't link it because I dismissed it. (Other GroupThinkers: take note! This is how you handle repugnance.)

At this community college, the average student age was 32. Why 32 you ask? Because most of what we did was vocational re-training. Students came to us when they were laid-off of their former jobs and had to change careers to make a living. Most had already been successful, gotten married, started families ... only to have that pulled out from under them as the American economy crumbled.

Most of them were unemployed, but not by choice. Many of them were on welfare. Groceries are sort of necessary to live.

Nearly every last one, to a man, had a tragic, tragic, tragic story about how American society had utterly failed them. I won't go into it all here. We hold each other down. The things that happened to some of those people. And all they wanted in the world was to tell someone about it, and then to move forward.

Of the three students I discussed (two listed in the quote above), no one was at a "traditional" college age. The coal miner was, if I were to guess, 60+. The mother of three was in her thirties. The student living in her car was early-to-mid twenties.

Having children was not a youthful indiscretion. It was the product of the normal course of human life. In one case, it was the product of an extremely wonderful woman making some extreme sacrifices. Commenter Douche Patrol painted her as a welfare queen.

He can kiss my ass.

The coal miner had three daughters. They were each paying their own ways through school. Their mother was dead. Guess what killed her? Lung cancer.

The mother of three was not the biological mother of two of her children. She had one with her husband, at a responsible, early-twenties age. The other two were biologically her husband's by a previous wife or girlfriend. She adopted them because he left them with no one else. Her words were, "They don't have anyone else. Now they have me."

I should note that we lived in a state that was eliminated access to Planned Parenthood, by the way. Not that it would have helped this mother, but I can think of a dozen more without blinking an eye. Of course Commenter Douche Patrol doesn't care that over half of them were victims of domestic violence, many of whom were impregnated against their wills. (Yes. They would talk about it in class. It was that commonplace.)

Were they receiving government aid? I have no doubt. You've gotta raise the baby somehow. The state of {redacted} doesn't want you to have access to abortions and your boyfriend/husband/father/step brother stole your birth control.

One of my student's three daughters was pregnant and dropping out of high school. My student was trying to get a radiology degree so that she could a.) help defray costs of the baby b.) show her daughter that it was possible to change your life circumstances and c.) fulfill her lifelong goal of getting a degree.

The student who lived in her car (not quoted) was living in her car because her ex beat the shit out of her and locked her in the house before setting it on fire. Why? Because he didn't want her to get a degree.


Edited to add: Commander DoucheBag 2 wants to know why there are so many single moms out there raising children they can't support.


I hate. Everyone.


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