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Living in a pet-less household.

Not by choice, never by choice. Not for us at least.

Our apartment building is a no-pets-allowed building. We had a beautiful betta fish for 2 years here until he jumped out of his tank in an apparent fish-suicide. Suh dude and i were incredibly upset, he was our little marky mark. We talked to him lovingly all day and laughed when he'd puff his face up at us.

Now we are pet-less. Every time i see a picture of someone's dog, cat, bunny, ferret, mouse or any pet, i get so upset. We both get overly-emotional and depressed when looking at dogs.


To put it into perspective: neither of us want children, both of us are animal lovers who treat pets like they are family members. To have a pet to us is like having a child. You know how people get baby-crazy? We are dog-crazy.

My heart physically hurts when i think about the fact that we cannot afford to take care of an animal, let alone be able to house one where we live now. What if we move to a pet-friendly place and adopt a dog that happens to have a medical condition we didn't know about? What if we can't afford the bills? Will we ever be financially stable enough to adopt a pet? These are the questions we frequently ask each other, even though they just make us more depressed.

We both have this emptiness inside of us that can only be filled by a cuddly, loving pet.

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