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Living In Nostalgia

So I logged into Jezebel today and BAM! Groupthink privileges. I am so excited to be able to post again.You guys are so cool, and I'll do my best to be a good member of the groupthink community.

That aside,I want to point out the living in feature of design sponge if anyone has not heard of it. It is a very fun look at the aesthetic darlings of film that make you want to live in that place and time. I've literally wanted to live in all of the decades by reading the past articles, and I've gotten a few good movie recommendations.


I find it interesting that along the line, they mention Woody Allen's film Midnight in Paris.Despite what I feel about Allen as a person(which hasn't been favorable in ages), Midnight in Paris really resonated with me as a person with a slight case of Golden Age Syndrome.The film is, in my casual opinion, about the perpetual nature of nostalgia and how it's better to enjoy the spoils of the present instead of longing for a past decade.Ironically, the film made a great case for Paris in the 20s.

What say you, people? If you could live inside a film or a decade, which one would it be?

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