It will surprise no one who read my last update a few days ago that I did indeed land a concussion from my unfortunate dooring incident. I am now 4 days in and I’m done with this shit. Anyone have any advice on how to fix my concussion the quickest?

Let me give you a peak in the excitement that has been my life :

Day #1 (day after doc visit): Wake up. Laundry. Tiny breakfast. Shower. Take a walk and get some groceries. Get home an hour later. Sleep. Wake up, watch half an hour of a show and eat chinese food. Sleep.

Day #2 : Feel better upon wake-up. Breakfast. Watch a show. Read a bit. Watch another show and have some lunch. Laundry. Massive headache. Try sleeping. Take painkillers. Not much help. Meditate, no help. Attempt sleep for several hours. Leftover chinese food. Show. Sleep.

Day #3 : Wake up feeling horrible. Breakfast. Laundry. Try to sleep. Can’t. Painkillers. No help. Sort out some bath stuff and take pictures of all the stuff I don’t want to keep and send to friends so they can pick what they want. Finally become tired enough for sleep. Pass out for 2 hours and wake up feeling good. Groceries. Parents visit for an hour or so and bring some food and cake. Lay in bed for another hour. Go meet up with friends (who live 2 blocks down) where I have dinner, tea and an allround good time for some hours. Sleep.

Day #4 (today) : Wake up like I’ve drunk the night away. Breakfast. Laundry. Headache. Lay in bed. Useless. Get up and decide to go walk in the sunshine and pick up my bike. Home an hour later, actually feeling better. Eat leftover cake. Read for a bit. Realise it’s actually the light that’s bothering me. Read with sunglasses on while inside. Watch some Try guys. Now.


So as you’ve gathered, laundry is a really nice task to do right now. It’s light, simple and gets me out of bed. But.. I’ve done all the laundry I can think of! I’m going stir crazy!

And I want to go to work tomorrow at least for a few hours. (I also have an apartment viewing tomorrow afternoon with my coworker so I don’t feel like I can do that and not show up to work even for a token hour of work). Painkillers don’t help and I can tell my neck is getting all fucked up from all the laying in bed. What do I dooo? Physical exertion seems to be harsher than I’d expected (i.e. walking gives me a headache, biking less so)

Tips? My kingdom for your tips!


So far I’ve got : Little to no screentime (I manage some days, others not so much). Don’t lay in bed all day, give your head something to do but not too much. Rest when your head tells you too. Since I am now at the point where my headache’ll get bad, but won’t be exhausted enough to sleep, this is becoming a challenge. Usually I’d distract myself from said headache until I’m tired enough by doing things (headaches are a thing in my life) but now I feel like I shouldn’t.

Anything else? Help?
(btw concussion without a pet to help get you through the day? The Worst)


Update :

I made a thing