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Welcome To The Bitchery

For those of you who do or have lived successfully with roommates - can you share some tips with me? Also, if you want to vent about your own housemate issues - please do so!

I’ve only been in this apartment for one full day thus far, and already my housemate has told me about 5+ things that I am doing (or that my cats are doing) that she dislikes. It’s already wearing on me. Today I got a text before 8am telling me to move the litter box.

I did some searching on the internet about challenges with blending pets and roommates - and apparently is is a “thing.”


I want her to talk to me about things that annoy her - but would prefer to not be texted first thing in the morning - it’s just a bad way to start a day. I also kind of want her to chill a bit. I’m not even unpacked yet.

Her boyfriend is also staying with us - and I like him and it has been handy having him here* - but it is challenging because it is a small apartment with one bathroom - and 3 people can create a challenging dynamic - esp if two are super aligned. Also, she told me he’d only be here like twice a year - so that he is here our first weekend isn’t a great sign.

So any advice about navigating living with someone would be greatly appreciated. I’d particularly love to hear from introverts who handled this stuff well, and people who lived by themselves for a long time and then had to room with someone.

* My movers never showed, so I had to move most of my stuff in myself. She and her BF arrived about 1.5 hours into the move and were lifesavers. Also, he set up our wifi and figured out the issue with how I was trying to assemble the table.

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