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Lix Storm is My Spirit Animal and Anna Chancellor is a Badass.

If you haven't seen The Hour, go watch The Hour. It's very good.

Well, it's not very good. But it's good. And there's a ton of fashion porn, and it stars amazing feminist Romola Garai in a slightly problematic but arguably feminist role.


But the real stand-out for me is Anna Chancellor. You likely remember her as Duckface from Four Weddings and a Funeral and Miss Bingley from Pride and Prejudice, but unlike those roles where she was relegated to "second fiddle love interest," here Chancellor instead plays Lix Storm (I KNOW, right?) a 1940s war photographer turned 1950s journalist with a Katherine Hepburn dress sense and a loose and easy attitude about sex.

Her character doesn't whine or gripe about her job, sleeps with a main character and never mentions it again, has a baby daddy turn up out of the blue and goes on to have an amazing story line with him (Peter Capaldi of all people, by the way) and just walks around being a hard-core side-story bad ass.

The show didn't get the recognition it deserved, and Chancellor plays one of the best and most inspiring feminist characters of the last 10 years specifically because the writers aren't trying to prove a point with her. She just "is," and she's glorious at it.

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