Here is the newest Liz Cheney political ad. It has many of the same historical points in it, but now her daughters are saying them instead.

I don't mind "carpet-bagging" politicians. It happens quite frequently. But, I feel like most of them at least admit it to some degree. Liz and her attempt at "I swear, I'm so super-duper from Wyoming" is getting better and better. I couldn't find any confirmation, but I'm pretty sure up until this last year, her daughters that are now discussing how Wyoming their family is have never lived in Wyoming.

I think she said "I grew up in Wyoming, and have been out of state gaining other experiences. I believe my time out of the state gave me the experience to navigate the political waters and help Wyoming", people would be a lot more receptive. Or, if she had moved here and waited a couple years and then announced a Senate run. Sure, we all would have known her intentions, but at least it would have appeared she cared about Wyoming issues and learning about them, not just trying to grab a Senate seat.