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Liz Smith AKA Dame of Dish Has Died At 94

She seemed to have been the last of her kind. A celebrity gossip columnist. Someone who becomes just as well known as those they gossip about.

Liz Smith seemed to have been well liked, in this field that’s rare. With the internet it seems gossip columns are close to extinct. Everyone has a cellphone, twitter acoount etc. Any piece of light gossip goes out faster then a newspaper column would.

Yet one wonders how much we still do not know with celebrities. Sure light gossipy news is sent out quick but major stories as we have seen takes decades.


Makes me wonder as much as Liz Smith gossiped about Hollywood its amazing how much she missed. Makes me think Hollywood and celebrities showed Smith only what they wanted her to know. Or did she know about the sexual assaults and harassment and kept it quiet either to keep getting gossip or she felt that was not a place for syndicated gossip pages? With her field being celeb gossip I wonder how did she not hear rumors at least.

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