Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Why is it that no

one ever pays me back at all

I hate all my friends

And now, also my brother. He doesn’t owe me very much money, but he makes like four times what I do so he shouldn’t owe me any money at all. I don’t think this is on me for being too nice about it, because I feel like I am constantly reminding people, and they say, “oh right! Next time I see you!” or whatever. I would cement a resolution of never lending anybody money ever again, but I didn’t even lend him money on purpose this time! We went in on a purchase together for our parents, and I ordered it online and he was supposed to mail me a check (we live pretty far away from one another). We don’t communicate much. Mainly I send texts every once in a while, and he responds to them even more rarely than I send them. So our main communication for the last month has been me texting him to remind him that he owes me money, and him not directly addressing what I have said in any way.


UGH RICH PEOPLE. He probably can’t be bothered to remember because it is, to him, a trifling amount—but I did not budget for the whole price of the item purchased. I budgeted for half that amount, as agreed upon! I can’t really afford to let this go, but the longer it goes on the more embarrassed I feel to press the issue.

Should I call him? Ugh, I really don’t want to do that. :(

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