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Local Business Flies Nazi Flag! Film At 11

There is an auto-repair shop in our [very small, fairly diverse] town who is not a huge fan of our town council. He has butted heads with them over parking issues, noise, disposal, etc. He's not a fan of the powers that be here in our town.

The town is hosting its annual festival this coming Sunday. Last year (our inagural year), we estimated roughly 7,000 attendees (our town's population is less than half that), and this year we are expecting at least that many folks, if not more.


So, Mr. Auto Repair's garage is located smack on the edge of the festival site. And he has taken to flying a Nazi flag outside his business.

Aside from setting it on fire (What's-His-Name has hidden my car keys until I calm down), what other sorts of recourse would we have here? It's likely protected under the 1st Amendment, which is a bummer, but maybe it is considered hate speech? I don't know. I'm pretty mad.


Could we agitate to get a law passed in the town restricting the sorts of flags that can be flown? Plenty of towns and cities do stuff like that, I'm sure.

I dunno, you guys. I'm really super mad. We live in one of the most diverse areas of THE ENTIRE WORLD. You'd think people would not be dicks in public.

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