Let’s talk local celebrities, not people from your area that are legit really famous, but people who are really famous to the people in your town and probably only your town.

The Twin Cities has two that I can think of. First being Fancy Ray, who is pretty much best known for being a personality in a bunch of commercials for adult film stores and pawn shops, as well as the self-proclaimed “Best Looking Man On Television”. I think anytime anyone I know runs into Fancy Ray somewhere out in public they get really excited. I think he actually became an ordained minister because people wanted to get married by Fancy Ray. An example of his work, as well as him officiating a wedding:

The other local celebrity we have is Scott Seekins, who is the signature art world eccentric. He only wears two suits, an all black suit for the winter and fall and an all white suit for spring and summer. He’s such a big deal that even his changing of the suit is an event. It’s also how a lot of Minnesotans know the weather is turning. He is obsessed with Britney Spears, so she shows up in a lot of his art. A local band actually wrote a song about him, and people dress up like him for Halloween. Here he is in his winter suit giving a guest tour, and here’s Pink Mink’s song about him.


There have also been a number of Scott Seekins flash mobs.

Tell me about the local celebrities in your area, GT.