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Get the smelling salts handy. A local Indiana man was shocked (shocked I tell you!) when he saw a woman breastfeeding in a TGI Fridays. The greatest sin of all is that anyone still eats a place that can deep fry just about damn near anything and pass it off as edible.

But, no, the sight of a woman’s breast made this poor gentlemen clutch his monocle and take to Facebook for “input” on whether or not he was right to asking her to cover up.


Conner Kendall took her shaming well and responded in the best way. Since I’m not big on revealing my name, I’ll share some of my thoughts.

1) When asking for “input,” it’s helpful to pass off your “curiosity” as sincere. Asking whether or not something is appropriate while simultaneously implying that it’s not when you say, “...cover your boob up?!” is clumsy and transparent. FOX Shit Contributor Bill O’Reilly has some effective tactics on disguising his misogyny and judgmental bullshit with faux concern.

2) Don’t write like a second grader. No wait...that’s an insult to second graders. Take a TOEFL class. You might learn something.


3) Let’s face it. Award shows and flimsy Target t-shirts show more boob than this woman does in the photo. The only difference is that a baby is attached to this breast instead of your creepy eyes. A baby’s need to survive takes a higher priority than your boner, buddy.

4) I’ve long complained that the average person doesn’t understand the correct definition of the word irony. Too often it is used to mean coincidental instead of the opposite of what’s intended. No worries as this boneheaded Facebook bullshit is a fantastic example of irony. The original poster was doing the exact same thing while he was creeping on Ms. Kendall: feeding his children. The irony is in not only were these two doing the exact same thing, but one opted to feed his children calorie-laden, deep fried garbage over a convenient, healthy, and organic meal.

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