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Welcome To The Bitchery

Local news not really local anymore

I chose to unfollow a Baltimore local news channel on Twitter because it was a constant stream of usually terrible headlines from around the country. The homogenization of local news channels has been weird because of the shared news sources. I could deal with seeing large national news stories and relevant local news but in the need to continuously provide content their Twitter account was always posting any minute negative thing they could find around the country.

I don’t need my local news from Maryland to tell me about some terrible but not National news worthy thing that happened in Ohio. I would check my twitter feed before bed and it would just be one awful headline after the next and I found it would upset me more and more. I think we all are constantly on the cusp of media exhaustion with the major newstories. However this tilt for local news to tell you all the local news around the country is like a death of a thousand paper cuts. 


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