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Localisms and Place Names Odd Things/Good Things post

Hiya GT, i went down the side-passage of a rabbit-hole tonight, and it got me wondering?

What’s ODD near you?😉

As some of y’all know, i grew up in “podunk-nowhere” Minnesota. In the West-Central part of the state, pretty near a town called Alexandria.


The reason for the backstory, which ties to my post title, is that growing up, we locals always had a way of telling who wasn’t from there (A way BESIDES any “Deliverance” jokes you may wanna make!😆).

If you were Local, you knew how to pronounce it correctly.

“Alexandria” was always shortened to “Alex” if written, but PRONOUNCED “Alek.” (like Alek Wek, or Alec Guinness’ names) or if you said the whole word correctly, it would sound like “Alek-ZAN-dree-ah”


If you were to use it in a sentence it would sound like you said, “We’re goin’da see a movie up in Alek tomorrow, wanna come with?*”

Strangers & non-natives allllllways use the more formal “Alexandria” or “Alex” pronounced “ALEKS-andria” (no middle “z”), or “AL-ex” for short.


Minnesota is also home to cities like Edina (e-DIE-nah).

Shakopee (SHOCK-uh-pee. Not SHAKE-o-pee, or Shack-OH-pee!😉)

Monticello.... not like Jefferson’s home, this one is pronounced Mon-tih-CELL-o, even though it’s got the same spelling😄


And another of my faves is the hometown of Tom Kelly, former Twins manager: Chokio

Not CHO-kee-oh, like one WOULD expect. That one is Shuh-KI**-yo

I know that many of our names come from white folks butchering Native plave names, and plenty of others are butcherings of words from immigrant languages too (Alek/Alex would most likely fall into this category!)


So, what things near YOU are “mispronounced correctly” by the locals, and mangled by visitors?


Or are names near you pronounced the way they’re “supposed” to be?😉😆😄

The article i ran across which diverted me from the rabbit-hole i fell into:

http://www.echopress.com/content/you-asked why-do-locals-call-alexandria-alek

And if anyone would rather post good things, those can go in too!😉

*Yes, we DO speak “Minnesotan”😄

**Ki like the middle of Yippee-ki-yay.

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