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Here is a sweet and funny news story to take a break from all of the terrible:

Quick summary: A small suburban village north of Oxford has suddenly had a large influx of tourists. Like, by the coachload. For no apparent reason. Residents are bemused. Then, obviously, coverage of the story started to expand, so now there are tourists being bussed in to take photos of the village, and reporters coming in to take photos of the tourists!


I love this story. I love that the residents are so confused instead of extolling the virtues of their village. I particularly like how the weirdness slowly spirals over the course of the article. At first glance, a sudden influx of tourists to one random small village isn’t that strange; probably a blog post about it got picked up by a couple of travel sites.

But then there is this, which is pretty strange: “One [resident] said tourists had knocked on their door asking to use their toilets, while another found visitors sat on benches in their garden eating packed lunches.”

And then there is this, which is beyond weird: “Resident Nick Allington, 66, said the tourists asked one family if they could cut the grass in their garden.”

There are many theories as to why this is happening, some more plausible than others, but far and away my favorite is “They are time travellers, something terrible must happen to your village when we finally exit the EU, they just want to see Kidlington before the event.”


P.S. This is my first post! So exciting! I had planned to do a rather heavier first post (which I will still do!) about internet communities based on a book I am reading, but then I saw this adorable story.

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