Alright this is the last time I’m mentioning Sleepy Hollow but the trifling nature of everyone behind the scenes is just...annoying the hell out of me.

My Sleepy Hollow rage has been reignited and I blame Tom! Its not actually his fault (still love him he is bae) but he mentioned in an interview that they knew Nicole was leaving but no one knew Abbie was dying until they got the script.....I hate them all. Side note: he also said he always saw Ichabod as Abbie’s side kick so we know where he stands on that

Then you got Robert Orci in these streets dragging his ass back to the show he left after the first season bullshitting everyone on Twitter about how they are listening to what fans have to say in one breath and drunk tweeting on Memorial Day dismissing people who were upset about the show in the next. Philip Iscove keeps saying he hears what people are saying but when someone told him he was biased he told them to stop projecting


Everyone has bias my dude wtf are you talking about?

And don’t even get me started on Raven Metzners no writing ass out here calling everyone who didn’t love his dumb script a hater. I can’t stand all of them and they need to just take the L and stop fighting it because they look stupid.


Also they need to keep Nikki’s name out of their mouths cause we got Damien Kindler, Iscove and Kim shading Nicole’s new movie on Twitter then deleting it when she rightfully called them out. All this proves is Nicole worked in a hostile work environment and she was absolutely right in wanting to leave. It shows that whatever they’re doing on Twitter publicly, it had to be even worse behind the scenes. Guys the moral of the story is I need to stay off Twitter cause my friends are causing me to see bullshit I didn’t want to see and the bullshit is making me mad.