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Logan Pupdate

After four or five miserable days of Logan wearing the cone of shame, I did some additional research on indolent eye ulcers in dogs. I found out 2 important things: (1) usually vets treat this with a procedure called a grid keratotomy, which is an outpatient procedure done with only topical anaesthetic, and which works in the vast majority of cases; and (2) there is another local veterinary ophthalmologist who apparently is something of an expert in treating this condition. So I decided to call and get an appointment with her. Logan saw her on Tuesday and she did a grid keratotomy immediately and sent us home without a cone, saying we only needed it if he was scratching at the eye. He is on tramadol and antibiotic eyedrops and clearly much happier without the cone. I'm just crossing my fingers that the procedure works, because this condition can get tricky and last for months in some cases. Ken wanted to take the dogs to the dog park today but I said "no" because Logan likes to roll in the dirt in the park and I am sure that getting dirt in his eye would be bad. He'll have to suffer for at least another week, maybe 2. By next weekend I should be able to see whether his eye is looking normal again. Please send good thoughts his way.

Here is his majesty reclining on our loveseat. He's not spoiled at all.


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