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1. The other day, Kellyanne Conway was complaining about the muslim ban protestors. She asked why people weren’t protesting things that were “really important” like the homeless people those protestors passed on the way to the protest. What I would love to see the media do is to push her to the logical extension of this and to reflect that she feels that homelessness is a big issue in the US, and ask what she has done to combat it and what DJT has done and plans to do. Whenever she deflects or redirects, push her exactly on things like that. I would LOVE to see her talk out of her ass about homelessness and DJT’s caring for the homeless.

2. A linguist on twitter has theorized that this account is actually run by Russians. So, let’s say it is and look at the logical extension of that theory. Why would Russians run a twitter account that appears to be by a sympathetic white house staffer who is not liberal, but who feels like DJT is an abomination (despite reportedly having high hopes). People who hate DJT love this account because schadenfreude - and it seems like a peak into what we all are hoping is going on there. The only thing I can think of is to foment chaos and upend our country. Thus, the goal of electing DJT was not to get him in office, but to create anarchy here and to make us weak and fall apart.

Edited to add: I just read in twitter that Russia is bombing the Ukraine. So if we are in chaos, they can do whatever the fork they want and take over more of Europe. Lovely.



Talk about this - or whatever you wish. Also here is a pretty funny rogue white house account the White House Barber: “I’m going rogue too. There’s only one White House barber but they still can’t figure out it’s me.” https://twitter.com/rogueWHbarber

ETA #2: This is the twitter account that is truly telling it like it is: https://twitter.com/infinite_scream

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