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LOL. Britney Spears eats junk food and totally can't spell /s

I was just procrastinating putting together a presentation for Friday by browsing the mainpage, and I clicked on this article.

So first of all, these lists are obviously not a comprehensive list of the food that she eats. I’m sure she probably has chef who prepares her meals and someone does the bulk of her grocery shopping shopping. This seems like a list of snack-y things she jotted down quickly.


Secondly, about 95%* of the comments are like “What a dumb-dumb” or “Louisiana schools are a giant failure” and “OMG, how do you not know how to spell cinnamon?” Like, do people really think that being able to spell mayonnaise (which I just misspelled and had to use spell check to correct) is the key to being smart or well-educated?

Full disclosure:I’m a terrible speller. When I was in elementary school, everyone thought I was a great speller because I literally did not miss a single word on a spelling test from 1st-4th grade (which was the last year we did spelling tests). This is because I’m a great memorizer, and my mom made me study every night and rewrite the words I missed 10 times. However, since mayonnaise was never a spelling word for me, and I’m not willing to go through and use rote memorization to learn the spellings I don’t know, I’m never going to know how to spell it. (and let’s just be real here, the second ‘n’ is pretty unnecessary.)

If I’m writing something in a hurry, I often totally screw up words I do actually know. I look back at stuff I scribble down at work and a 10 year old with a red pen could probably do a number on my notes.

I mean, come on, she wasn’t submitting these lists to be published or something, why should she look up the spelling of “spaghettios?” If she knows what means on the list, that should be all that matters.


So what about you GTers? Are you good spellers? Bad spellers? Judge-y about people who don’t spell well?

*Slight exaggeration

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