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LOL Idiots, Everywhere.

This lovely gem was left on the thing I wrote about the B.C. woman who is carrying her child even though she's braindead.

Wow. You could not have missed the point more. The feminist slant on the Benson case is "ladies, let's help another lady who is will not be here for her baby. Let's show that we are strong females and take care of another woman in a way that we would want to be cared for." I can't believe you would try to make this about abortion laws. I think I am done with Jezebel. You aren't feminists, you are click-bait writers.

The two cases are VERY different because the baby in the Munoz case was not viable and had been without oxygen for over an hour, the baby in the Benson case is completely healthy and perfect and was much farther along. You would publicize a families heartbreak for personal gain-you are actually worse than the State of Texas in my view. You are not interested in helping women and furthering our status, you are interested in furthering your career. Another disgusting stunt by Jezebel. I have read this blog since it started and I am done with it. Grow the fuck up.


Dude, I wish I was a Jezebel writer because then I'd get paid. According to the rates I could find online, I'd be almost $150 richer right now.

Someone should tell this person that Jezebel isn't really a feminist haven - not everything that appears on the site is meant to be feminist in nature. Someone should tell them... but they won't be able to because this person will be getting DISMISSED. Tell 'em, Nicki.

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