Bro, 40 lb fly, DO YOU EVEN LIFT.

Seriously though, Daily Mail is normally a hotbed of right wing horseshit, but today it brought us some images from inside a Neo-Nazi Convention in Atlanta. They are interesting in how pathetic they are. Here we see a bunch of white clowns, ironing on swastikas to their clothes in hotel rooms, tasing each other, generally looking frumpy and ugly. If these are the paragons of white power its time to stick a fork in the white race.

What is it that sustains these people? Why choose fucking Atlanta for this convention? It seems like they are trolling like the Westboro Baptist Church, using their modicum of power to stir the most shit.

I remember growing up in Northern California and there was a house in our town that flew a Nazi flag as big and proudly as people fly American flags on the forth of July. Even though my town was racist as shit, as kids we would still light fire crackers and through them over their fence. Is this what these folks see as persecution of the white race? Because if you aren't flying a Nazi flag, it seems like white people have it pretty good. Anyway, people of Atlanta, what do you think of this shit?