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I am fake laughing! It hurts!

I am converting to Judaism b/c my fiance is Jewish and I want to. That said, we still celebrate Christmas with my family. My fiance's dad suggested that we split the holiday time between them and my parents. WHAT HOLIDAY? YOU DON'T EVEN CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS. I would never, and my parents would never, suggest that we split Passover between them and my parents, because MY PARENTS DON'T OBSERVE PASSOVER.

We have spent 9 days as a couple with members of my fiance's family. We've spent 2 with mine. He's spent over 2 weeks' time with his family alone (over a week for Thanksgiving!) and I've spent less than a week of my time with my family.


I am appalled and outraged. We keep getting this theme from his family that we don't appropriately prioritize spending time with family... but I guess only his family counts. I HATE PEOPLE AND LOVE DOGS FUCK THIS SHIT

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